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Water Heater Replacement at Olive Garden in Vernon Hills, IL  (Cyclone MXI Installed)

As a local water heater repair and replacement contractor and plumber, we often serve commercial and residential customers in Vernon Hills, IL 60061. This recent service call required our technicians to replace a water heater in the local Olive Garden Restaurant in Vernon Hills, IL 60061.

Being a business, it was important to get this hot water heater replaced quickly. Being a restaurant, this water heater replacement had to be coordinated early in the morning so that the restaurant could have their water heater replaced in time to open for lunch. U.S. Water Heating Solutions met both objectives and successfully installed this water heater so this restaurant could be open in time for lunch.

This water heater replacement (or changeout) was performed by our technicians Ed and Kirk. Though U.S. Water Heating Solutions operates in five states, our technicians and plumbers are locally employed by our five physical locations. Both Ed and Kirk live local to the Vernon Hills and were happy to serve this local restaurant with the replacement of their hot water heater.

Whether you are a small locally owned restaurant or a national franchise restaurant like the Olive Garden in Vernon Hills, U.S. Water Heating Solutions provides the same level of service which is second to no other local hot water heater contractor or plumber.