Last month, Dave & Buster’s of Hawthorn Mall was experiencing leaking units and called for service. As a result, we sent our senior technicians and most experienced staff members to get Dave & Buster’s back up and running on this overnight install. Said install was coordinated with our dispatchers and the management staff on site to ensure that there were no event scheduling conflicts.

Dave & Buster’s originally had two Bradford White units, but replaced them with two A.O. Smith BTH 299-300 Cyclone MXI units. This installation was also accompanied by the installation of two ST-12 expansion tanks, an NBF-25 circulator pump, and two Maxitrol 325-5L gas regulators. To ensure that Dave & Buster’s was fitted with the proper equipment, we sent our most experienced team members to perform a site survey and determine which units would be the most effective for replacement.

In addition to the changeouts, our team also worked to install new intake and exhaust terminations, as well as  the necessary fittings and piping to re-connect the pre-existing domestic water lines to the units and the new inlet and outlet locations. Following the installation, our team members also performed an efficiency test, confirming the new units’ functionality.