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Rheem EcoNet LogoKevin recently serviced Manheim Milwaukee, a large scale automotive sales location based in Caledonia, Wisconsin. They are well-known for their large auto auctions, which include various makes and models, from Ford Mustangs to Teslas. Behind the scenes, water heaters are an important factor in their pre-auction cleanings and preparations. To ensure that their staff is always up to date with their water heater settings, Manheim Milwaukee recently installed a Rheem EcoNet Control Center and had some preventative maintenance done on their units. Manheim currently runs multiple tankless units and will utilize the EcoNet tool to increase energy savings and for remote control of their units.

The EcoNet Smart Thermostat system and EcoNet Home Comfort Module use Wi-Fi to enable control of temperature settings, enable vacation mode, and to notify users of issues. The EcoNet Thermostat system offers a touch screen control center for management of temperature control and water heaters. This device can also be controlled via Amazon Alexa’s voice control, while the Home Comfort Module is compatible with Nest and wink. The EcoNet Thermostat also feature an “Away” setting, enabling an energy-saving mode that can be used when the home is not occupied. Similarly, the EcoNet Home Comfort Module enables monitoring of tankless water heaters. One of the primary benefits of this device is its ability to detect leaks and an auto shut-off to limit waste.

Regardless of whether you install the thermostat or the Home Comfort Module, users are able to remotely check on their home or business via the free Rheem EcoNet app. This app essentially turns your cellphone into a mobile remote. When used in conjunction with the EcoNet products, you are able to save contractor contact info, adjust temperatures, enable “Away” mode, and to receive alerts regarding your equipment. Please note: EcoNet Thermostats and Home Comfort Modules are sold separately from Rheem and Ruud water heaters; Be sure to check water heater model compatibility with EcoNet prior to purchase. Most Rheem tankless water heaters built after 2010 (excluding ECOH200DVRH and ECOH180DVRH) are compatible with EcoNet products, but be sure to call Rheem and confirm prior to making your purchase.

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