A.O. Smith Corporation @ Costco #378

A.O. Smith Water Heater Installation | BTX 100Yesterday, four of our team members performed a water heater installation/changeout for A.O. Smith National at Costco #378 in Lake Zurich, Illinois. U.S. Water Heating Solutions was contracted to perform the install as our team is comprised of factory-trained and certified technicians who have attended A.O. Smith University and A.O. Smith Commercial School. Costco’s A.O. Smith BTR 197-118 unit was leaking and required replacement. A.O. Smith National called our company to replace the unit and to making adjustments to the piping and venting of the unit. Our technicians drained, disconnected, and removed the old BTR unit off site and installed a BTX 100 in its place.

The BTX 100 is part of A.O. Smith’s Cyclone Xi product line, which features “a light-duty, power direct vent, fully condensing commercial gas water heater with an internal helical heat exchanger.” It is also an impressive commercial unit, with its Energy Star Qualification and the ability to achieve 96% thermal efficiency. Cyclone Xi units are also equipped with a Blue Diamond® Glass Coating to increase the unit’s corrosion resistance, in comparison to that of other units on the market.

In addition to the installation of the BTX 100, our team worked efficiently to install an ST-12 Expansion Tank, NBF-25 Circulator Pump, and a Maxitrol Gas Regulator. An expansion tank works to reduce the excess pressure created when the unit begins to heat the water, as the water’s volume increases, thus increasing the amount of pressure in the tank. The circulator pump then works to ensure that hot water is released on demand by slowly circulating water between the tank and the pipes, while saving energy and money. The gas regulator works to control and direct the amount of gas and gas pressure. Our team also worked to remove the existing atmospheric vent piping and then installed concentric venting with help from the scissor lift and a visit to the store’s roof.

Following the completion of the installation work, our technicians opened the water supply, filled the water heater, and purged the air. Prior to leaving the job site, technicians checked to ensure that there were no leaks, performed an efficiency test, and verified that the unit was operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Install Truck & Service Vehicles | Costco #378 | Lake Zurich, IL
Water Heater Installation Venting | Before
Water Heater Installation Venting | In Progress
Water Heater Installation Venting | Completed
BTX100 Installation
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