Noodles & Co. #512 | Mishawaka, IN

On Tuesday, two of our team members worked on back-to-back commercial water heater changeouts for A.O. Smith National Accounts. 

Before & After (Cyclone MXI) Installation at Olive Garden in Mishawaka, INThe day began at Noodles & Company 512 in Mishawaka, Indiana. The restaurant had previously been operating a Bradford White unit, but required emergency service due to the unit leaking. Our technicians were on site at 7:30 am to remove the old unit and replace it with an A.O. Smith BTH 199 Cyclone Mxi unit (Before and After shown on the left). 

Water heater replacements typically take multiple hours to complete, as technicians must drain and remove the old heater, then install the new heater, sometimes requiring piping or venting adjustments. Since Noodles & Company opens at 10:30 am, our service technicians worked diligently to ensure that the restaurant’s new unit would be in service in time for their afternoon lunch rush.

Noodles & Company Cyclone MXI Installation | Mishawaka, IN

The Cyclone Mxi water heaters are a staple in the A.O. Smith product line, offering up to 98% thermal efficiency and electronic control with built-in diagnostics. To learn more about these units, visit the A.O. Smith website.


Olive Garden #1106 | Merrillville, IN 

Shortly after completing the Noodles & Company changeout, our technicians travelled southwest to a Merrillville Olive Garden. Our technicians arrived on site at 11 pm to ensure that the restaurant’s regular business hours were not interrupted. The techs worked overnight to remove the a functioning unit, thus enabling access to the leaking unit; then, they removed the leaking unit which was replaced by a BTR-365A. A leaking 1” ball valve that was contributing to flooding in the kitchen was also repaired to ensure that the restaurant would not have any damage. The technicians worked overnight and had the units up and at temperature prior to the restaurant’s 11am opening.


The BTR-365A is an 85 Gallon/365,000 BTU Commercial Dampered Gas Water Heater which weighs 820 pounds. It is a part of A.O. Smith’s Master-Fit product line, which features flexibility for different types of installations, something that is very helpful in the event of a replacement.