February 2019: Ashland City, Tennessee | A.O. Smith Corporation

A.O. Smith Customer Care Facility | Ashland City, TNAt the end of February, our President, Vice President of Operations, and the Vice President of WinSupply, Scott Wayne, traveled to Ashland City to visit the A.O. Smith corporate offices and factory. The Ashland City location focuses on dispatch of warranty repairs and the production of gas and electric residential heaters. We have been fortunate to work with A.O. Smith for a little over a year, but most of the communication occurs via telephone and e-mail. In order to truly put a face to our company, our team members decided to fly down to Tennessee with Scott as WinSupply typically provides the new units used for A.O. Smith National changeouts.

The team was fortunate to meet Chris Murphy, A.O. Smith’s Dispatch Director and Justin Fuel,  Head of Commercial Service. The A.O. Smith Dispatch and Commercial Service teams work directly with our three dispatchers to coordinate warranty repairs and commercial changeouts because our technicians are factory trained via A.O. Smith University and A.O. Smith Commercial School.  

Our Vice President of Operations, Rick, enjoyed having the opportunity to put a face to the voices we often hear on the phone. His favorite part of Rick | AO Smith | Ashland City, TNthe trip was inviting the A.O. Smith team out to dinner, as he was able to truly get to know them as individuals in relaxed environment. Rick is also somewhat new to the U.S. Water Heating Solutions team, so he appreciated the opportunity to become on of the faces of our company. He is looking forward to going back to Ashland City and to growing our relationship with A.O. Smith and their staff.

The trip also provided our President and Vice President of Operations with the opportunity to meet the amazing country duo The Young Fables which is composed of three-time American Idol participant, Laurel Wright and the vocalist/guitarist, Wesley Lunsford. The duo was performing at Nashville International Airport when our team was passing through. While in between sets, our President asked Laurel if she was interested in recording a voice over for our company. Now, when you call U.S. Water Heating Solutions, you are being directed by Laurel Wright’s voice! Additionally, we are going to be updating our phone system’s hold music to play The Young Fables’s music! The duo’s music is described as modern traditional country and they are sure to capture your ears and your hearts!