U.S. Water Heating Solutions is a local hot water heater contractor that can repair or replace commercial and residential water heaters. We often feature projects in our blog because we love sharing photos and stories about how we help our commercial and residential customers.

This recent commercial water heater replacement was unique with its large installation of: three water heaters, three circulation pumps, a return pump, and an ASME expansion tank. This was for our client who is a country club in Hoffman Estates, IL, the client was “Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club”. Located at 1400 Poplar Creek Drive, the country club has undergone major renovations within the last 8 months, to ensure 35 more years of gatherings, golf, and special events.

We were able to work with the staff at Bridges of Poplar Creek to ensure that they had the necessary equipment, enabling them to safely have hot water throughout the country club.

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