PVI Training | Home of the PVI AquaPLEXIn the past 14 months, we have been fortunate to establish a relationship with many of the major manufacturers, one of which is PVI Industries of Fort Worth, Texas. PVI manufactures an array of commercial water heaters and storage tanks ranging from 150 to 4500 gallons. Since PVI focuses on the manufacturing and maintenance of commercial units, which are manufactured with different materials than standard residential units. As a result, our more experienced technicians are sent to Fort Worth to learn directly from the PVI staff. As of March, we have sent two technicians and a plumber to receive their PVI start-up certification.

PVI Training | Duplex Stainless Steel

Although our technicians are officially certified to perform start-ups and service on PVI units following the class, we try to provide them with hands-on training in the field with our Senior Technician, Kirk. Our first technician to attend PVI Training this year was Jack, one of our up and coming Illinois based technicians. After heading to Fort Worth, he spoke very highly of the training program: “The PVI Training was very in depth and hands on. The instructor was super knowledgable and was able to answer every question that was sent his way. The most interesting thing I learned was about their Duplex Stainless Steel tanks and their construction. My overall experience was great.” The Duplex Stainless Steel tanks are a part of PVI’s AquaPLEX line which is built to endure years of use as “the ultimate solution to all water heating applications.”

These units are engineered to resist corrosion and to endure exposure to a large temperature range, in addition to being made from 90% recycled material. Another highlight of the PVI units is “The warranty [which is great and lasts a long time].” AquaPLEX units alone have a 15 year limited warranty and the majority of other PVI units have 15 and 25 year tank and heat exchanger corrosion warranties. Our Senior Tech, Kirk, has worked on a variety of notable AquaPLEX units, such as one in Sycamore, Illinois. As a result, Kirk is the primary technician to provide follow-up training for technicians in the field. We assign the newly certified technicians, like Jack, to assist Kirk on start-ups to ensure that they run more efficiently and to receive more hands-on experience. Jack has had the opportunity to work on a few PVI units with Kirk and considers Kirk to be a “fountain of knowledge” regarding PVI and commercial units in general.   

More recently, we also sent our Wisconsin-based technician, Kevin, and our plumber, Mike, to PVI Training. They had a more individualized training session, according to Kevin: “For Mike and I, it was pretty cool because we had a small class with just us and three PVI employees. There was an engineer in the class who gave input on the design of the units.” Kevin and Mike were able to learn about the Duplex Stainless Steel and to ask numerous questions, which enabled them to learn exactly how the units were designed to function, directly from their engineers. Kevin also noted: “The most interesting part was the two types of stainless steel that are used to make the tanks and the process of using steam to heat water very quickly for large industrial applications.” It is also important to note that due to safety purposes and respect for the hard work of PVI staff and engineering, photography and videography are not permitted in PVI Training courses.

We would like to give a huge thank you to all of the staff at PVI Industries for enabling us to educate our technicians/staff and for creating such an amazing and impressive water heater whose engineering and design strives to establish a new standard for commercial water heaters. 

PVI Training | Flying out of O'Hare
Arriving to Fort Worth, TX | PVI Training
TEXRail | Fort Worth, TX
PVI Training Class | Fort Worth, TX
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PVI Training | Home of the PVI AquaPLEX
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