In regards to basic information and preventative maintenance relative to hot water heater tanks and parts,  U.S. Water Heating Solutions does our best to keep our customers informed.

A well informed customer will make a sound decisions when it comes to their home or business. As a local water heater contractor who strives to be the best, our technicians are always willing to share information specific to their observations at your location or in general. In line with our objective to keep our clients informed, we also offer this online Q&A which offers some frequently asked questions we receive here at U.S .Water Heating Solutions and our answers.

Question: Do you work on pool heaters?
Answer: Yes we do.

Question: Do you offer service and repairs for boilers?
Answer: Of course.

Question: Is your business open on holidays?
Answer: Our technicians are available for holiday service calls, but there are different rates.

Question: Do you work exclusively with indoor units?
Answer: We offer repair solutions for both indoor and outdoor water heating systems.

Question: Your website says you operate in 5 States, are you able to provide a true and reliable service in my area?
Answer: Yes, we have a large fleet of vehicles with technicians who reside in every state we advertise in. Furthermore, we have physical facilities in 3 States to store parts and equipment. Rest assured we can provide same day service to all 5 States including IL, IN, IA, WI, MI.

Contact us today for the water heating answers you need to make a smart decision. We proudly serve customers in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.