U.S. Water Heating Solutions offers complete water heater services and boiler maintenance for commercialand residential customers throughout the state of Illinois. As a factory certified warranty service provider, we often have the opportunity to work with businesses, like this Chipotle in West Dundee.

Located at 201 N. 8th Street, Chipotle serves hundreds of customers on a daily basis, which is not possible
with the loss of hot water. Upon arriving on site, our technicians found that the existing unit was leaking and in need of removal. As a result, they accounted for the restaurant’s need for on-demand hot water on a daily basis, as well as the need for the expansion tank. In the restaurant and hospitality industries, the loss of hot water is often sudden and poses a threat to your bottom line. With our 24/7 emergency service and dispatch coordination, our team will work with yours to find the best time for changeouts which may require 4 or more ours. In this instance, we worked with the Chipotle team and A.O. Smith to coordinate the installation of this beautiful A.O. Smith Cyclone MXI BTH 199 unit and the removal of the old unit.

While on this changeout, our technicians documented this example of a properly installed water heater that now services the West Dundee Chipotle. Please note the installation of the blue expansion tank next to the water heaters. An expansion tank is installed, often in residential and closed systems, to absorb the excess water pressure created by thermal expansion; in other words, the tank reduces the amount of water pressure caused by the usage of the water heater.