Water Heater Installation: AO Smith BTX 100 | Lake Zurich

A.O. Smith Corporation @ Costco #378

A.O. Smith Water Heater Installation | BTX 100Yesterday, four of our team members performed a water heater installation/changeout for A.O. Smith National at Costco #378 in Lake Zurich, Illinois. U.S. Water Heating Solutions was contracted to perform the install as our team is comprised of factory-trained and certified technicians who have attended A.O. Smith University and A.O. Smith Commercial School. Costco’s A.O. Smith BTR 197-118 unit was leaking and required replacement. A.O. Smith National called our company to replace the unit and to making adjustments to the piping and venting of the unit. Our technicians drained, disconnected, and removed the old BTR unit off site and installed a BTX 100 in its place.

The BTX 100 is part of A.O. Smith’s Cyclone Xi product line, which features “a light-duty, power direct vent, fully condensing commercial gas water heater with an internal helical heat exchanger.” It is also an impressive commercial unit, with its Energy Star Qualification and the ability to achieve 96% thermal efficiency. Cyclone Xi units are also equipped with a Blue Diamond® Glass Coating to increase the unit’s corrosion resistance, in comparison to that of other units on the market.


Menards Local Contractor Expo | Glendale Heights, Onalaska, Waukesha

Menards Logo Earlier this month, several of our technicians participated in their local Menards’ contractor expos in Illinois and Wisconsin. Our technician, Ed, first discovered the event at his local Menards in Glendale Heights, Illinois; Technicians Kevin and Ryan followed-up with the event at the Waukesha and Onalaska branches. As a small business, our team members appreciated the opportunity to meet other local contractors, participate in networking exchanges, meet more locals, and provide consultations on water heater repair/replacement.


What water heater options are available at Menards stores?

Each major hardware/home improvement store typically has one major water heater manufacturer with which they are associated. Menards is an exclusive wholesale distributor of Richmond water heaters (with Rheem and Ruud products available via order as Richmond and Ruud are Rheem companies). You can purchase or order a water heater at Menards, then head over to their plumbing desk to find a local installation service. 

Technician Kevin operates exclusively out of the Waukesha area and was able to consult with several prospective clients. He was able to guide one person toward a more efficient water heater: “One customer wanted information on replacing a 12 year old electric water heater with a new unit. He was considering installing a gas water and I explained the pro and cons when upgrading. Another customer talked about the benefits of installing a tankless gas water heater and I discussed maintenance and energy saving benefits.” 


Back-to-Back A.O. Smith Changeouts | Mishawaka & Merrillville

Noodles & Co. #512 | Mishawaka, IN

On Tuesday, two of our team members worked on back-to-back commercial water heater changeouts for A.O. Smith National Accounts. 

Before & After (Cyclone MXI) Installation at Olive Garden in Mishawaka, INThe day began at Noodles & Company 512 in Mishawaka, Indiana. The restaurant had previously been operating a Bradford White unit, but required emergency service due to the unit leaking. Our technicians were on site at 7:30 am to remove the old unit and replace it with an A.O. Smith BTH 199 Cyclone Mxi unit (Before and After shown on the left). 

Water heater replacements typically take multiple hours to complete, as technicians must drain and remove the old heater, then install the new heater, sometimes requiring piping or venting adjustments. Since Noodles & Company opens at 10:30 am, our service technicians worked diligently to ensure that the restaurant’s new unit would be in service in time for their afternoon lunch rush.


Unusual Water Heater Sounds Solved | Element or Backfire?


Within the last six months, we have monitored the news and our service calls which have demonstrated a series of water heater issues which may affect your unit.


Case #1: In November 2018, police responded to reports of gunfire in a North Carolina high school. As police performed a sweep of the property, they discovered that the sounds were coming from a water heater that had been undergoing repairs.


Case #2: Just last week, we had a residential customer call with a similar issue.


Let’s take a look into the possible causes of the alarming sounds created in both cases: In Case #1, it is highly likely that the malfunctioning water heater backfired to create such a loud noise.


What causes a water heater to backfire?



Sediment Build-up

Sediment is any type of solid material that remains inside of your tank. Water heaters may have sediment build-up as a result of the type of water that is being sourced into your home or business. For example, the water in the City of Chicago comes from Lake Michigan, while the water in Macomb, IL and some parts of Lombard, IL comes from wells.


Women and the Water Heater Service Industry

Addressing the Concerns of Female Customers in the Water Heater Service and Repair Industry

Disclaimer: In honor of Women’s History Month, we decided to examine the water heater service industry from the perspective of women. | Please Note: This article is in no way intended to discriminate based on gender identity. U.S. Water Heating Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and simply intends to inform article readers based on questions and concerns previously posed by female customers and employees in an educational manner. We are posting this article in an effort to further open the line of communication we have with all clients/potential clients, as we understand that every client has unique needs. 


Safety is among the top concerns of many women when searching for home repair services. Elizabeth A. Stanko’s article “Women, Crime, and Fear” examines the theory behind women’s fear of potential crimes, which may be the result of gender roles enforced by society, which have contributed to machismo and general male dominance. Stanko suggests that it may be difficult for some women to face these fears because they are surrounded by men (from family members to friends to local contractors) who could later perpetuate crime (1985). This begs this question: Who am I really hiring? when I call my product’s manufacturer for service or perform a simple online search for local repairs. 


A.O. Smith Corporation & The Young Fables | Business Trip

February 2019: Ashland City, Tennessee | A.O. Smith Corporation

A.O. Smith Customer Care Facility | Ashland City, TNAt the end of February, our President, Vice President of Operations, and the Vice President of WinSupply, Scott Wayne, traveled to Ashland City to visit the A.O. Smith corporate offices and factory. The Ashland City location focuses on dispatch of warranty repairs and the production of gas and electric residential heaters. We have been fortunate to work with A.O. Smith for a little over a year, but most of the communication occurs via telephone and e-mail. In order to truly put a face to our company, our team members decided to fly down to Tennessee with Scott as WinSupply typically provides the new units used for A.O. Smith National changeouts.

The team was fortunate to meet Chris Murphy, A.O. Smith’s Dispatch Director and Justin Fuel,  Head of Commercial Service. The A.O. Smith Dispatch and Commercial Service teams work directly with our three dispatchers to coordinate warranty repairs and commercial changeouts because our technicians are factory trained via A.O. Smith University and A.O. Smith Commercial School.  


Ravinia | Water Heater Repair | Highland Park, IL

One of Illinois’ favorite music festivals, Ravinia has brought thousands of incredible musical artists to Illinois.

Technician Kirk working on wiring of unit

Although the Ravinia Festival runs during the Summer, their work continues throughout the year. Back in late September, our technicians were on site to make some basic repairs. This specific case was unique because of the location and experience for one of our newer technicians.

The repairs were lead by our senior technician, Kirk, who was training new tech Kody. Together, Kirk and Kody installed a new wire harness, relocated the sensors to their proper location (above contactors), and tightened all wires to elements.



Bridges of Poplar Creek | A.O. Smith HW 670 Install | Hoffman Estates, IL

U.S. Water Heating Solutions is a local hot water heater contractor that can repair or replace commercial and  residential water heaters. We often feature projects in our blog because we love sharing photos and stories about how we help our commercial and residential customers.

This recent commercial water heater replacement was unique with its large installation of: three water heaters, three circulation pumps, a return pump, and an ASME expansion tank. This was for our client who is a country club in Hoffman Estates, IL, the client was “Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club”. Located at 1400 Poplar Creek Drive, the country club has undergone major renovations within the last 8 months, to ensure 35 more years of gatherings, golf, and special events.


Water Heater & Boiler Repair in Chicago: One Bennett Park

U.S. Water Heating Solutions | Water Heater | Water Heater Repair | Chicago | Downtown Chicago | Chicago Skyline | Lake Michigan

Chicago Skyline as seen from boiler service call at One Bennett Park in Chicago.

U.S. Water Heating Solutions offers complete water heater services and boiler maintenance for commercial and residential customers in the City of Chicago, including emergency repairs and replacement.  This recent bolier service call brought our Chicago area technicians to One Bennett Park in Chicago, where a repair was required on a fairly new boiler system.

One Bennett Park is a skyscraper at 451 East Grand Avenue, in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago which was constructed in 2014. As a local hot water heater and boiler repair and replacement contractor, we often serve businesses big and small in the City of Chicago. While on this service call, our technicians could not resist snapping this photo of the the gorgeous City of Chicago Skyline. (more…)