Residential Water Heater Repair Contractor

US Water Heating Solutions is a local residential water heating contractor that understands the needs of home owners, which is why we offer responsive, 24/7 residential water heater repair and/or replacement for all types of homes including but not limited to single family homes and/or multifamily homes including but not limited to condos, duplexes, apartment buildings and more  . Our team is standing by to provide service to residential customers in 5 states in the Midwest including Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Trained for Commercial Systems

Partner with a local contractor that services residential hot water heaters and boiler systems for multifamily homes who has the necessary training for a residential water heaters repairs and replacement projects. Our guarantee empowers our clients with the valuable information and actionable options they need to make an informed service decision. You are better served by technicians that are focused on solutions – not just additional sales.

We always strive to offer the water heater repairs needed before suggesting a replacement. When the repair is not an option, we are prepared to fully design and replace the existing system or components necessary to fix the issue. Our direct approach to high-quality, trustworthy service is our way of forging lasting relationships with new and existing customers and clients.

Our technicians have the factory training required to service and repair all major brands of water heating equipment present in today’s homes. We honor all water heater manufacturers’ warranty parameters, and are a reliable service partner for all major brands. We stock most of the major manufacturers’ parts for a majority of the heating equipment lines so we are able to repair on our initial visit. Our goal is simple: to restore hot water for our customers as quickly as possible. If the unit is in need of replacement, we have all the functions in place to update the equipment immediately –all without leaving the customer’s site.

We are ready 24/7, 365 days of the year!

Your homes water heating needs are never confined to traditional working hours, so why should you work with a maintenance group that restricts you to those same hours?

The commonality in all residential settings is having the necessary facts and information to make informed decisions that ultimately affect the bottom line. We have the ability to provide equipment installation options and pricing on-the-spot. Once approved, we can immediately begin the replacement of the failed water heating equipment, restore hot water, and ensure superior customer satisfaction post-installation.

Improving Your Bottom Line

By utilizing our water heater replacement, repair or maintenance services for your home you will enjoy savings that will allow you to re-focus your resources on the main goals of your household. We carefully evaluate the health of your system via our troubleshooting processes and work to optimize performance and longevity for your homes water heater. We offer our preventative maintenance programs to all of our residential customers to maintain both new and existing equipment.  By performing annual/bi-annual preventative maintenance on all water heaters, we can eliminate a high percentage of equipment failures.  Having our customers’ equipment archived in our system allows us to maintain equipment history and provide fast and efficient water heater service. For our in-network preventative maintenance customers, we ensure that we will have the necessary parts on hand to repair their equipment in times of unexpected equipment failure. For more information, inquire about our programs for boiler water heaters and ask about the added savings for our in-network customers.

If you are a homeowner or a property manager for condos or multifamily developments in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, or Wisconsin who seeks a local water heater contractor, then contact us today to establish a partnership with our 24/7 residential water heater repair group.