Every once in awhile, our dispatch office tends to get a dispatch that is outside of our service area or a phone call from Rheem asking that same question. Although water heater repair technicians are often not sought after until emergency situations arise, there are many areas of the United States where residential customers experience the need for emergency service, but due to the limited number of local technicians may be forced to make repairs on their own. With certain areas seeming to struggle to find certified repair technicians, we decided to venture west, in hopes of becoming the water heating solution for residents of Kansas and Missouri! This new journey is all thanks to our new Kansas City based technician, James. Our new tech is currently training with our Wisconsin-based technician, Kevin. James hopes to be hitting the road in Kansas and Missouri within the next two weeks as both a warranty service technician and an installer!

James comes from a strong mechanical background, with 15 years of plumbing experience in various settings: residential, new construction, etc. As a plumber, he has encountered many water heaters and has a strong background in installs and residential troubleshooting. In addition, he also holds a journeyman license and OSHA certification, which provides some of the crucial knowledge he will need once he attends A.O. Smith University for commercial training this summer. James does have some commercial experience under his belt, but he is looking forward to attending A.O. University and other training seminars to further hone his commercial troubleshooting abilities. 

Kansas and Missouri | Our Future

Both our executive team members and James are excited for this new chapter, which will mark USWHPRO’s first major service area addition since our foundation. We are hoping to head further west in the next year, as we continue to develop training methods and continue on our talent search. James is looking forward to representing USWHPRO in both states, and he hopes to become the lead technician of the Missouri and Kansas regions. As a well established plumber turned water heater service technician, James aspires to grow our network through quality service and recruitment/training of future technicians to provide full area coverage in his region.

Be on the look out for more updates on James (and the rest of our team!) via our social medias (Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn), as we activate our new service areas within the next two weeks! If you happen across our techs on the road, let us know using #uswhproonthego