Two of our technicians recently had the opportunity to experience live boiler training in the field, thanks to Brandon Moma, the A.O. Smith Start-up Coordinator for Field Engineering. Technicians, Kirk and Jack, alongside George of RC Sales, went to Addison, Illinois for this special training seminar. The technicians visited Clarendale of Addison, a senior living center, which is currently under construction and set to open this Summer. This training was unique for both technicians, due to its location. Aside from being under construction, this is a rare experience “because it was local,” according to our Senior Tech, Kirk. Technicians typically fly to one of the manufacturer’s factories or headquarters. A.O. Smith runs a variety of training programs out of their Ashland City, Tennessee based factory and training facility, also known as A.O. Smith University. The training facility in Ashland City is well-developed and serves as a continuing education center for thousands of plumbers and technicians from across the United States (Our Wisconsin based tech is currently down in Ashland City and our Indiana technician will be heading to Ashland City soon, too).     

This new construction site is unique because its condensing boilers are among A.O. Smith’s newest models. The PWH models 1250 through 4000 are completely new to the A.O. Smith XP Plus product line. The XP models first launched back in 2011 and “[were] designed to be used in both hydronic and potable hot water applications such as large-volume, full-service hotels and high-rise apartment complexes as well as resorts, government buildings, schools, and hospitals.” The main goal of this line was to increase energy efficiency and operating costs. Of the more recently manufactured PWH models, the third and fourth that were produced now reside at Clarendale of Addison. As seen in the photos, these units have a sleek design that features a touch screen control panel. From Jack’s perspective, the design is “very technician oriented and very service-friendly.” This was also Jack’s first time experiencing training at a live construction site, and he was thrilled about this experience: “It was very hands-on and Brandon walked us through everything.” Jack attended A.O. Smith University back in August of 2018. The facility is well-equipped with various models for training and the amazing educators, but nothing beats that experience in the field with a 3:1 student to teacher ratio. Jack noted that he was accustomed to the more traditional training setting, in the classroom, but this experience was definitely a memorable one for our up-and-coming technician.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates regarding A.O. Smith training seminars and the PWH boiler models. Thank you to A.O. Smith Corporation and RC Sales for working with our team and providing our technicians with this unique opportunity.

A.O. Smith PWH Boilers

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