Kevin | Waukesha Menards Contractor ExpoU.S. Water Heating Solutions is a family owned and operated business that was founded in early 2018 on the premise of transparency and quality, coupled with family values. Some of our staff members have over a decade of experience in the water heater industry alone, while other executive staff members have a combined 100+ years of electrical and plumbing knowledge/experience flowing through their veins. We noticed an immense need for water heater services and customer education across the Midwest, so we decided to become the solution. After a little over a year, we have successfully expanded the locations we service to include: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin (and we are continuing to grow!); with local technicians, based throughout each state, we are able to ensure that service occurs as fast as possible. We combine honest quality service with supportive customer service to provide the best solutions for all inquiries. 

Water heater repairs, maintenance, and replacement can be an immense burden and extremely costly. We do our best to become YOUR WATER HEATING SOLUTION by educating you on the different types of units on the market and by determining which units would be the most cost effective in terms of the set-up of your home or business. We have also developed a news article section, right here on our website to educate homeowners and business owners (articles en español coming soon!) across the world by show casing our work and the common mistakes our technicians see and fix while on service calls. 

Water heaters are an investment for your home or business — work with an experienced team of dedicated individuals who want to restore hot water to your location as soon as possible. Contact us today and let U.S. Water Heating Solutions be YOUR WATER HEATING SOLUTION.