Over the last six months, U.S. Water Heating Solutions’ goal has been growth: service expansion without sacrificing quality. From the first few weeks of business, our goal has been to provide service across the entire state of Illinois. Thanks to Curtis, our Peoria based technician, we are officially one step closer! (This is where we also mention that we still have technician positions open in Downstate Illinois, especially in/around the Urbana-Champaign area!)

After two to three weeks of on the job training and the completion of A.O. Smith University online, we send all of our technicians to the A.O. Smith University campus for further hands on instruction. Curtis spent the last week of July down in Tennessee, learning from A.O. Smith’s best, to bring even stronger troubleshooting skills to the Peoria community!

We recently sat down with Curtis to learn more about his experience and how it has improved his quality of service.

USWHPRO: What was your favorite part of A.O. Smith University?


Curtis: My favorite thing I learned on campus was how to take apart the tankless water heaters and then reassemble them. I remember trying to work on one before training and being overwhelmed. | This is also one of our favorite things about training – technicians are in the classroom, working with the engineers and installers from A.O. Smith who can provide them with one-on-one answers and guidance. Tankless water heaters are beautiful, sleek, and technologically advanced, but they are composed of a multitude of gaskets, harnesses, and valves (see below | please note that the image on the right is a unit that is undergoing service); that being said, familiarity takes time and experience. Our technicians are never thrown into the shark tank with tankless units until they are comfortable, but there is no standard set of troubleshooting questions because every case is different.

USWHPRO: How has training impacted your service calls? (Curtis has been back on the road post-training for about one month)


Curtis: This training has helped me feel more confident about my approach to diagnosing water heaters. Having this on site training following my training with Kevin has given me new insight on how to solve customers’ issues more efficiently and how to restore their hot water quickly. I came with a background of mechanical experience, but this training helped me hone skills specific to water heater troubleshooting. Although every customer’s scenario is different, I am able to develop a plan with different repair solutions.


USWHPRO: How would you describe your overall training experience at A.O. Smith University?


Curtis: The overall experience from AO Smith training was awesome! It was great to have the opportunity to gain so much knowledge in class and to see Nashville! This was my first certification training program and I was not sure what to expect, but the teachers made the environment fun and enticed us to continue our growth. Anyone working in the plumbing field or working in a field related to the water heater industry should strongly consider attending this training. Whether you are a seasoned technician or new to the field, this course is a necessity! There’s always something to learn and the information is presented in a way that is not overwhelming for newcomers.



A special thank you to A.O. Smith for continuing to educate our technicians and helping us to find more efficient methods to restore customers hot water! | Stay posted for more on Curtis’s journey as he develops the Peoria service area!


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