Peoria Technician Becomes A.O. Smith University Certified

Over the last six months, U.S. Water Heating Solutions’ goal has been growth: service expansion without sacrificing quality. From the first few weeks of business, our goal has been to provide service across the entire state of Illinois. Thanks to Curtis, our Peoria based technician, we are officially one step closer! (This is where we also mention that we still have technician positions open in Downstate Illinois, especially in/around the Urbana-Champaign area!)

After two to three weeks of on the job training and the completion of A.O. Smith University online, we send all of our technicians to the A.O. Smith University campus for further hands on instruction. Curtis spent the last week of July down in Tennessee, learning from A.O. Smith’s best, to bring even stronger troubleshooting skills to the Peoria community!

We recently sat down with Curtis to learn more about his experience and how it has improved his quality of service.


Water Heater Elements | Everything You Need to Know in 5 Minutes

What is an element?

An element is the part of the water heater that physically heats the water. They typically have a black threaded head and are composed of stainless steel, copper, or incoloy. The element(s) screw into the water heater and have a gasket that slides over the metallic shaft to create a seal/leak guard between the head and your water heater. The quantity and type of elements are dependent upon the size of the unit. Residential units will typically have one or two elements, while commercial units may have up to nine elements (see image on right for example element).






#WomenWednesdays | June-July 2019 Recap

As summer slowly draws to an end, we could not be more thankful for the AMAZING women who have become a part of our #WomenWednesdays campaign. June and July served as an amazing transition period for the campaign as we officially branded the campaign with the color yellow (to let you know that there is positivity on your news feed!) and had the opportunity to do a special month long series on Women in HVAC (thanks to the incredible Women in HVACR Facebook Group). Keep reading for more inspirational stories and advice from these business owners and HVAC technicians below!  Please be sure to support these small business owners by visiting their social media links and/or websites as well.


Iowa Service Area Grows | Meet Tom of Clarion, IA

We are proud to finally have our blog back in the mix, with this announcement! Since early 2018, we have provided "Frantz" Lumber Sign with uswhpro Truckservice to customers across the border in Eastern Iowa, especially around the Davenport area. Over the last year, we have been working to provide a larger area of service coverage in the state, which has led us to our newest team/family member, Tom! He is based out of Clarion, located in North Central Iowa, our newest gateway to the west. One of Tom’s goals is to see complete coverage of the state of Iowa and continued service expansion out west to Nebraska, coupled with the development of a team of local service technicians.